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VR Superhero Game PowersVR Full Release Now Available

An old ally from VR’s past returns… PowersVR is finally out of Early Access.

We first wrote about this sandbox superhero sim from Pseudocode Games all the way back in 2017. At the time, the game gave players a handful of superpowers to test out in an open-world with a handful of challenges. Since then the developer has been adding a steady stream of new content to the game, and it’s now ready for prime time. It’s available on Steam.

PowersVR Full Release Trailer

So, what’s new in version 1.0? Get an idea for yourself in the trailer below.

The big new feature here, though, is the game’s sandbox. The sprawling city environment has grown to become 40 times larger than its original layout with newly-themed areas. Collectibles are hidden throughout the map for you to find, too. Existing challenges have mainly been relocated to other parts of the map, where applicable.

What hasn’t made it into the final version, though is a proper story mode, as the developer reasoned that it became too unrealistic of a goal over the course of Early Access. What’s here, then, is essentially a series of sandbox challenges that will range from racecourses for speedsters and flight as well as some combat against aliens with powers like laser eyes and, uh, arm cannons.

But full release doesn’t mark the end of the PowersVR story, Pseudocode plans to keep releasing yet more heroes and challenges in the future as well as Steam trading cards and more achievements. Hopefully, we might see some ports to other headsets somewhere down the line, though the developer didn’t make any mention of that.

We thought PowersVR was a lot of fun when it first released, though we haven’t tried it for ourselves in some time. Will you be playing the game? Let us know in the comments below!

Credit: VR Superhero Game PowersVR Full Release Now Available