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Facebook Sent Quest 2 Dev Kits In Hilarious Mock Box

Some people had Oculus Quest 2 months ahead of yesterday’s consumer launch.  To try and prevent leaks, the company sent the headset out in a hilarious mock box. Oculus Iron, anyone?

Angel Say, CEO and co-founder of construction planning company, insiteVR, showed the box he got on Twitter a while back. The package is the same shape and size as the Quest 2 box many of you are getting this week but the images are a little different to say the least.

For starters, you don’t see the Quest 2 and Touch controllers on the front but instead an iron and two tap handles. Meanwhile, the Oculus logo has been replaced with a standard circle and the name ‘slucou’ serves as an anagram for Oculus. The top of the box also says ‘slucou armiarm’, with people speculating the latter word as an anagram for Miramar. It means ‘sea-view’ in Spanish, which keeps it in line with Facebook’s traditional convention of giving early Oculus units beach-based codenames.

Other developers appear to have gotten a mix of both the usual box and then, inside, some of that fake branding too.

Brilliant as it is, the box failed to keep leaks at bay. We first got wind of Quest 2 a few months back and even Facebook itself managed to leak it before its big reveal at Facebook Connect last month.

Credit: Facebook Sent Quest 2 Dev Kits In Hilarious Mock Box